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Car Insurance Groups explained

  In the UK, every model of car has an Insurance Group Rating that helps insurance companies to calculate premiums. The groups are set by the Group Rating Panel, (made up of members from the Association of British Insurers and Lloyds Market Association) which meets every month. However, their ratings are purely advisory – insurance[…..]

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10 Important Car Checks

  The most important thing you can do to reduce the risk of breakdown is to get your car serviced to the manufacturer’s schedule and specification. Beyond regular servicing, the following simple checks will help you to enjoy safe, worry-free motoring. Tyres Know the correct tyre pressures for your car and check them at least[…..]

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3 General safety tips as a driver

1. Avoiding Certain Shoes Your brand new pair of Jimmy Choos or Gucci loafers might look fantastic but certain footwear is just not suitable for driving in. Even something as simple as changing gears could cause a serious accident in the wrong type of shoes. The sole of the foot can become trapped underneath the[…..]

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Why is a seatbelt so important?

  It became compulsory for motorists to wear a seat belt at all times when on the road in 1973. Designed to prevent the occupants from coming out of their seats and suffering secondary impacts, seatbelts marked a significant improvement in driver safety levels. This represented the start of the safety crusade, with other regulations[…..]

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