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S.A.M.E Programme | Promoting Road Safety and driving awareness

Welcome to S.A.M.E Academy, where our goal is to promote road safety for young people through a range of driving education programmes. Our signature training is the S.A.M.E programme, a 4-week learning experience that is the essence of what makes our academy unique.

Each week of the S.A.M.E Programme covers one aspect of the acronym: Safety, Awareness, Motoring, and Education. Our experienced facilitators work with attendees to take them on a journey and provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to become safe and responsible drivers and passengers. By the end of the 4 weeks, attendees should be in a position to pass on what they have learned to their peers and to act on it themselves.

In addition to the S.A.M.E Programme, we also offer a range of road safety workshops, pedestrian awareness courses, and driving awareness training programmes. Our road safety training for young drivers is suitable for schools and other organisations looking to promote youth road safety and are designed to be engaging and interactive. We also offer a range of road safety tips for teenagers to help them stay safe on the roads.

‘The sessions were hard hitting, informative and relevant for our students. They were shocked by the statistics and real life stories. I have no doubt they will reflect on your workshops the next time they get into a Car. Thank you!’
Wallington County Grammar School

More About the S.A.M.E Programme

Here at S.A.M.E Academy, we are dedicated to promoting road safety for young people through our comprehensive 4-week programme.

The S.A.M.E Programme is designed to provide young drivers with the knowledge and skills they need to become safe and responsible drivers, and is divided into four weeks, each focusing on a different aspect of the acronym: Safety, Awareness, Motoring, and Education.

We cover a wide range of topics throughout the S.A.M.E Programme’s four weeks in a fun, interactive, and engaging manner. In order to address issues that are important to young drivers and passengers, we use a range of teaching techniques, including conversation, activities, and videos. These subjects, which are intended to help young people to understand the hazards and obligations of travelling, may include peer pressure, active travel training, and pedestrian awareness.

“The Facilitator was excellent at interacting with the students, the students were very respectful due to his presence. The students found the workshops really interesting and the staff members stated how well the workshops had been run. I would definitely recommend the workshops to other year groups.”
Langdon Park Community School.

“Very interesting and informative presentation about road safety. Very interactive with the audience that had the chance to participate. Informed about top reasons for accidents happening and how to prevent them”
Overton Grange School

Depending on your needs and preferences, our S.A.M.E Programme can be given online or in person. We urge you to consider our programme whether you are a school, community group, or other organisation wishing to encourage young people to practise safe driving and travelling as a passenger. Our group of knowledgeable educators is available to help at every stage.

For more information or to book a session, please email us at hello@same.academy. We look forward to working with you!

What is the S.A.M.E Academy?

S.A.M.E Academy is a learning and development organisation that is committed to promoting road safety and driver education internationally. We offer a range road safety education and driver awareness training for new and young drivers, as well as passengers and the next generation of road users.

Our mission is driven by a desire to reduce the number of preventable deaths on the roads. Each year, more than a million people die in road accidents, and we believe that education is key to preventing these tragedies. We also recognise that young and new drivers, in particular, may face challenges such as rising costs of learning to drive and increasing car insurance premiums. That’s why we are dedicated to providing affordable and accessible road safety education to as many young people as possible.

At S.A.M.E Academy, our team believe that everyone has the right to learn about road safety and to become a safe and responsible driver and passenger.

For more information or to book, please email: hello@same.academy

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