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Road Safety Presentations in Schools: College’s, Businesses and more: Educating Young People on Safe Driving Practices

At S.A.M.E Academy, we offer innovative road safety presentations in schools and other organisations to educate young people about safe driving practices and the importance of road safety. Our presentations are generally targeted at young people aged 12-25 and effectively promote driving awareness and youth road safety to a wide audience.

With the alarming statistic that 38,800 deaths and injuries in crashes involve drivers with less than two years of experience, it is clear that this is a widespread issue that needs to be addressed. Our road safety presentations in schools and organisations provide an opportunity to reach a large number of young people and educate them about the risks and responsibilities of driving and being a passenger.

Each of our presentations can accommodate up to 100 attendees and generally lasts one hour. Our experienced facilitators use various interactive methods, such as discussion, activity, and video, to engage and educate participants about the designated topics.

“S.A.M.E Academy have been good from first point of contact to the last. I liked that they could accommodate to our needs with no fuss. Throughout the day they kept the students engaged and enjoying the sessions while keeping the allocated timings. I have had a lot of positive responses form the learners and I’m glad I arranged for S.A.M.E to attend our College.”
East Surrey College.

In addition to our in-person presentations, we also offer online resources and training materials that can supplement your students’ road safety efforts. From posters and handouts to interactive games and quizzes, we have a range of tools that can help to engage and educate young people about the importance of traveling safely.

We deliver our road safety presentations in a variety of locations, including the Middle East. We are happy to work with schools and other organisations to customise the content and delivery of our presentations to meet your group’s specific needs.Contact us to learn more about our road safety presentations and how we can help promote safe road use practices among young people.

“S.A.M.E Academy was extremely professional. They gave a strong message in a fun and interactive manner which the students enjoyed and learnt from the information presented. ”
Doha College.

• The Road Safety Presentation typically lasts one hour and can be delivered in person or remotely.
• It covers a range of topics relevant to young drivers and those who frequently travel as a passenger.
• S.A.M.E Academy delivers sessions in a variety of locations.
• Our presentations can accommodate up to 100 attendees.

Our road safety presentations intend to educate and teach young people about safe driving habits and the value of being a safe passenger. Our skilled facilitators address a number of issues pertinent to young drivers and passengers, such as peer pressure, road pedestrian safety, and the hazards of alcohol and drug driving, using a variety of engaging approaches such as conversation, activity, and video.

S.A.M.E Academy’s one-hour road safety session can be conducted in person or remotely, depending on the needs of your group. Our presentations are an effective and interesting approach to promoting road safety among young people, whether your group is in school, a community club, Pupil referral unit or any other organisation.

In addition to our in-person session, we provide online tools and training materials to help your efforts to improve road safety. We offer a variety of products that can assist in engaging and teaching young people about the need for safe driving and staying safe as a passenger, ranging from posters and handouts to interactive games and quizzes.

At S.A.M.E Academy, we are committed to promoting road safety and responsible driving among young people.

For more information or to book, please email: hello@same.academy

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