3 tips on dealing with negative passengers!


Apparently, it is scientifically proven that when speaking to someone in your car or in some cases on the mobile phone, the driver gets what is called ‘inattention blindness’. This basically means that even though your eyes are wide open, your brain is no longer receiving visual signals from your eyes and will simply stop seeing things in front of you, including pedestrians and other cars.

Passenger conversations are just as costly as being on the phone and negative passengers do not add to your safety. Having said this, being on the phone meant you had a higher chance of being involved in a road traffic collision than anything else in regards to passengers.

Below are some 3 main tips on dealing with negative passengers:

1. Don’t carry them

If you know that you may be thrown slightly of guard by a specific passenger, ask them to make their own way to your destination, this way, you stay safe and reduce the chances of a road traffic collision.

2. Be vocal

Some passengers may want the music extremely load in the car, something you may not like at all. Be vocal and voice your concerns, not everyone car drive safely with music blaring in the car.

3. Music

If you are going to listen to music, AND, you have a negative passenger in the car, try to keep it calm and cool. Listening to crazy and up beat music will not help with your adrenaline.