Our mission

S.A.M.E Academy is learning & development company delivering driving awareness, road safety education and driver training new, young and the next generation of road users internationally. But why? More than a million people die on the roads every year and in many cases, they are preventable. You may have noticed that the aforementioned group are being priced of motoring some places due to rising costs of learning and increase in car insurance costs. Now, we know that there is an element of the brain that doesn’t assess risk until 21, however, we could do with more education around the very important topic. We are on a mission to educate new, young and the next generation of drivers around the globe.


“You should be proud of what you’re doing; you’re changing lives which means your changing the world.”
Gordon Brown, Former British Prime Minister.

Young drivers in particular are the most at risk road user with more than 2 of every 5 deaths involving young drivers. Driving is an extremely popular topic within young people aged 14 – 21 and no matter the barriers new drivers are faced with whilst attempting to access motoring, they are still making it onto the roads with approximately 1.3 million of them taking their driving tests in the U.K each year. This will differ in other parts of the world.



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